Investing in Cub Scouts

"By investing in Cub Scouts you are providing your Scout with the opportunity to try new things, provide service to others, build self-confidence, and reinforce ethical standards. 

 These opportunities not only help them when they are young, but also carry forward into their adult lives, improving their relationships, their work lives, their family lives, and the values by which they live" - Benefits at

As a parent your investment comes in the form of time and resources.  Your time helps support your Scout by sharing their adventures and volunteering with the Pack.  Your resources go to support the program at both national and local levels, provide materials for Den and Pack events, support camping and other activities, and recognize your Scout's achievements through advancement awards.   

Investments   Benefits 
  • Scouts Do Their Best while participating in Den and Pack activities
  • Parents support their Scouts by providing the time for them to participate and helping them work on advancement requirements
  • Parents volunteer throughout the year to help the pack go by taking on committee roles, being a den leader, and/or helping with an event (e.g. cooking at campouts, planning Blue and Gold Banquet, etc.).  
Resources (typical - based on 2017-2018)
  • Annual dues:$100, $35 of which is returned as event credit if your Scout sells at least $300 in popcorn during the fall fundraising event 
  • Minimum Class A uniform (shirt, insignia, neckerchief, slide, and belt): $62
  • Class B uniform (shirt): $10
  • Rank book: $13
  • Camping fees (typical, per family): $40
  • Blue and Gold Banquet (typical, per family): $20
1st year cost: $210 (with popcorn sale credit)
2nd year cost: $155 (with popcorn sale credit)

Examples of Optional Activities and Events
  • Cub Scout Day Camp (4 days): $110
  • USS Lexington / iFly / NASA: $40-$60 / person
  • Summer Bowling: $5 / person
  • Boy's Life Magazine: $15

  • Is fun!
  • Has ideals of spirit and character growth
  • Strengthens families through family participation
  • Helps develop interests and skills
  • Provides adventure
  • Creates fellowship
  • Promotes diversity
  • Teaches Duty to God and Country
  • Provides a year-round program
  • Provides a positive space to learn and play
Recognition and Awards for Scout Advancement

Pack Activities (per year)
  • 9 Pack Meetings 
  • 20 Den Meetings (typical)
  • 2 Pack overnight campouts 
  • Space Derby (rubber band rockets)
  • Pinewood Derby (carved wood cars)
  • Summer pack events (picnic, parade, bowling, etc.)
  • Community volunteer events
  • Optional pack events and trips (iFly, USS Lexington, etc.)
  • Access to Scout day camps and events

*The costs are based on 2017-2018 Scouting year and may change based on Pack activities and budget